SET SM-001 DeAgostini Millennium Falcon Koolshade Parts

This Set contains photo etched parts which are special constructed engine ventilation grills.
On the original screen used 5 foot model of the Millennium Falcon they used KOOLSHADE material for the engine ventilation grills on the upper hull.
I tried to replicate this material in 1/43 scale. The result are realistic angled lamellas to show the typical look of the original (see pictures).

• 6 big round grills (diameter: 42,5 mm)
• 1 small round grill for for the opening on the right side (diameter: 13,7 mm)
• 1 small round grill for for the opening on the left side (diameter: 13,25 mm)
• 1 small round grill for for the opening on the left side (diameter: 16,4 mm)
• 1 small long cockpit grill (length: 192,7 mm)
• various thin stripes to fix the lamellas for all grills in angled position
• 0,1 mm copper wire for fixing (sewing technique) the thin stripes in the lamellas
• instructions

size of the photo etched: 0,1 mm x 235 mm x 120 mm

The lamellas have to be turned/angled with a tapered tweezers.
Then you have to pull the pertinent small strips through the holes of the lamellas.
At least you have to fix the stripes to the lamellas with the copper wire with a “sewing technique”.

The 6 big round grills are developed for a second set with resin parts.
They fit perfectly into the parts of set 2.
If you want to use the original DeAgostini engine vents, I cannot guarantee the grills will fit into it.

Set SM-002 contains the 6 big vents and rings of the engine ventilation. The parts are made of resin.
The work is still in progress. Pictures will follow soon.
The engine ventilation grills of SM-001 will fit perfectly to the parts of SM-002. You don’t have to alter the original DeAgostini hull parts. You simply replace the original DeAgostini parts.